Заметки на английском: about the ‘Philomena’ movie

Заметки на английском: about the ‘Philomena’ movie



‘A heart-wrenching story’ – this was the first epithet that came to my mind almost as soon as I started watching the movie.
The image that accompanies the film made me think it would be a nice and funny story.
Nice it is but not in the least funny.
The film is very very sad but somehow in the end you feel high-spirited.
This is the story I have been looking for for a long long time.
I suppose only real life stories can be so touching.

And the music is terrific.

I’ve just found out that Alexandre Desplat, the composer, also wrote music to a number of other wonderful films like Harry Potter, the Painted Veil and The Twilight.

  • Elena

    Я как раз вчера вечером ее посмотрела, вот так совпадение. Фильм очень понравился!

    • Ksenia

      Вот это совпадение!

  • Elena

    Если интересно, могу посоветовать один очень хороший итальяснкий фильм. Тоже из недавно просмотренных. Произвел неизгладимое впечатление. Называется “Venuto al mondo”

  • Alexandra

    I absolutely share your opinion here! “Philomena” has somehow managed to appear both tragically touching and hilarious just as much as other settlers of British comedies are. But here the task for the film crew seems to be even more complicated – not to make Philomena just funny but to embody a whole lot of a real woman’s story into Judi Dench’s piece of work. They both, Dench and Coogan made a great job and I can know that for sure because my skin crawled, my eyes were moistured and my breath held several times in a raw.