Как сказать по-английски: подавлять эмоции, погрязать в рутине, приходить в ярость и др.


На днях я просматривала список своих слов в Анки, и вот что интересного там нашлось.

to bottle up — подавлять: I’m used to bottle up emotions. I know it’s a bad habit but I can’t help it.

to give in — сдаваться: Paul always wants to win an argument — you’ll never get him give in.

to apply a rule across the board — чесать всех под одну гребенку: If you apply that rule across the board you ought not to have a driving license, because with your history you are bound to drink and drive again.

to pull out all the stops — сделать все возможное: You won’t get any more authority unless you pulled out all the stops and your work improved significantly.

to get into a rut — погрязать в рутине: Many married couples get into a rut after having kids and some go to counseling.

to see red — приходить в ярость: When I see people dropping litter, it really makes me see red.

to skimp on smth — экономить на чем-то: Many old people skimp on food in order to enable them to pay the bills.

to go off smth — разонравится, потерять интерес к чему-то: I used to enjoy Dolphin’s music but I’ve gone off it a bit now.

to run over — затянуться (по времени): The meeting ran over so I missed the train.

cut to the chase — ближе к делу: We’ve been going out for five years. Let’s cut to the chase. Just tell me: Are you going to marry me?

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