Insight into English: фразовые глаголы to fritter away, to come up and to come around, to pull your socks up а также как по-английски «новоселье»

Для начала несколько выражений связанных с мыслительной деятельностью:
against my better judgement — против своей воли: I agreed to this test against my better judgement. I didn’t like the way it was going to be conducted but we needed desperately to find out what was wrong with Ellie to start the treatment right away.
in cloud cuckoo land — в воображаемом мире: If they expect me to believe it they are living in cloud cuckoo land.
a figment of your imagination — плот твоего воображения:
— I think I’ve just seen a bear.
— Oh no, can’t be. There are no bears in this area. It was a figment of your imagination.
a harebrained idea — безумная идея: It was a harebrained idea to let her come all the way back all on her own. It was almost midnight!
to toy with the idea of sth :
— What are you plans for the next year?
— I’m still toying with the idea of opening a children’s clothes boutique.
lose your train of thought — потерять мысль, забыть, о чем ты только что говорил: What were talking about? I’ve just lost my train of thought.
to have got a mind of your own -уметь принимать решения самостоятельно: She’s certainly got a mind of her own, never asks for advice and is very quick to react.
to pitch in — помочь в выполнении работы: I said i’d pitch in so that we can get it moving faster. 
to cut in — букв. врезаться, то есть влезать в разговор: Sorry to cut in.
to go in for smth — хотеть чего-то: He is really going in for this job.
to be on tenterhooks (Katrina said this idiom looked pompous to her and she would use to be stressed instead) — переживать, нервничать: Harry was still on tenterhooks that Hagrid might get the sack.
to take a rain check — перенести встречу: I friend invited her for lunch but Carla said she would take a rain check because she she was snowed down with work that day.

to sleep on it — букв. поспать на этом (на проблеме), то есть оставить решение проблемы на утро. Я люблю такие образные выражения:
— Are you going to sign up that contract.
— I don’t know. I’d better sleep on it and then we will see.
uncanny — син. unbelievable; чаще всего используется в разговоре о двух настолько похожих вещах, идея и т.п., что это просто невероятно: Similarities between me and my mother are uncanny. (We are very much alike)
to come around — о событии, которое случается периодически: The Christmas party is coming around again this year.

My birthday seems to be coming around more quickly every year.
to come up — о событии (скорее всего одноразовом), которое случится в скором времени: Our friends’ house warming party is coming up.
a warming party — новоселье
to fritter (sth) away (sth) — растрачивать попусту время или деньги: Let’s not fritter away our time because we don’t have much left.
Hey, Jude, what nonsense have you bought this time?! We don’t have money to fritter away, remember?
time is getting on now = it’s getting late (особенно когда вы смотрите на часы и понимаете, что уже гораздо позднее, чем вы думали)
I’ll be brief — буду краток — To cut a long story short…
И моего самое любимое с последнего занятия —
to pull your socks up — постараться, чтобы улучшить что-то: You will all have to put your socks up if you want to pass this exam.
Для нашего прошлого занятия с Катриной я написала небольшое эссе about singing and drawing.
Since I realised what I wanted to draw I was thinking about drawing a lot. Yes; I know now what I want but I still have this kind of block, when I am ready to do anyhting in my free time except positioning myself in front of a blank piece of paper.
It’s the fear of failure that bothers me so much. «You are no Leonardo Da Vinci so a) you will never be able to produce a piece of real art and b) you will probably never archive making it nice looking picture or a real looking one», that’s what the fear is ranting inside my head everytime I’m heading towards my pencils and paper.
But yesterday while humming some tune I realised that we all or almost all do this, the humming or even the singing, but we don’t fret that we will never become Luciano Pavarotti or that we don’t really  reach the high sound this song requieres. We just enjoy the process.
And this is exactly what I am going to do with my drawing — enjoy it, without thinking too much)
А вы рисуете, поете?
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