Заметки на английском: What a wonderful day!

It is a wonderful day today and it was a great day yesterday.
I’ll begin with the latter because it happened first;)
Yesterday I was leafing through a wonderfully illustrated book by Usborne publishing called The Children’s book of Art.
And there was a moment when I turned over a page and got stunned by the picture I saw.
The Wanderer above the sea of fog
The Wanderer above the sea of fog
I’ve seen almost all the paintings represented in this book but not this one. I haven’t even heard of such a painter — Caspar David Friedrich. He was a XIX century German painter who was very interested in showing the relationship between a person and the nature.
In the evening I showed this picture to my husband who was quite surprised I liked it because we both know that I usually prefer colourful HDR images and this one is quite moderate in terms of colours.
But I know why I like it — it gives me a sense of freedom. It is the kind of feeling I always get when I am far above the earth, when nothing blocks the view. I even breath more fully.
That is also why I like to drive along one particular embankment in Saint-Petersburg. The river there is very wide and the buildings on the other side of the river are not tall. I feel free there. As opposed to me being in the center of the city surrounded by towering, old houses in different stages of decay. It can be very depressing sometimes.
The next wonderful thing about yesterday was our class with Katrina. I will write a separate post on this subject.
Today we have caught up with a very nice friend of mine I haven’t seen for ages, i.e. from Spring.
She chose a charming place to meet up — an italian cafe-restaurant on the third floor of a recently built business-center on Petrogradskaya.
I used to come a lot to this area so it was a nice change to see it from a distinct angle, to be exact — from different hight. Places you know well do seem different when you look at them from another view point.
After this I strolled down the Bolshoi prospect and on the spur of the moment decided to enter the Re:store shop because only yesterday we were discussing with my husband the possibility of buying a new laptop for me. And he suggested Macbook and I replied that I didn’t like Apple products because they were not compatible with other devices like my Galaxy III and my Android tablet.
But after some thirty-minutes discussion with the shop-assistant who explained to me why Apple had become so popular around the world I changed my mind. A Macbook air would be very welcome))
After that I got lost in aromas in the Yves Rocher shop. I am certainly crazy about good-smelling things: cosmetics, food, even clothes)
On my way back to the car I entered the Yellow Korner gallery. And the huge photograph of this lion made me speechless for some seconds.
lion in compliance
It (or maybe better he) is so human, I can read so much in his gaze. It is amazing! I would very much like to hang this photo on the wall of my flat. But since I have no flat of my own I will wait till I get one and then decorate it with this magnificent king of animals.
Have a wonderful day you too)
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