Insight into English: фразовые глаголы to throw away, to pull out all the stops, to let off steam etc.

Недавно мы обсуждали с моей преподавательницей-англичанкой следующие фразовые глаголы:
To throw the baby out with the bathwater — букв. выкидывать ребенка вместе с водой для купания, то есть избавляясь от чего-то плохого и ненужного, избавляться и от хорошего:
How is your awful new boss? Still planning a total reorganisation of the office  or you have convinced her not to throw the baby out with the bathwater?
To let off steam — букв. и перен. выпустить пар, то есть выговориться:
If you want to meet to let off steam it’s about time.
To take the sting out of smth — букв. вытащить жало из чего-то, то есть смягчить как-то плохую новость:
My husband has told me this morning that we won’t go to Sweden for the holidays but he has added that instead we will spend a few days in a good spa in Finland.
To run rings round smb — быть умнее всех:
He can usually run rings round anybody but this question made him realise that there was still so much he didn’t know.
To turn up the heat — накаляться об остановке, создавать стрессовую ситуацию:
My boss is turning up the heat. Everyday he wants me to do more and more. If it continues like this I will soon quit.
To get on like a house on fire — поладить с первого взгляда:
— Did you meet you boyfriends’ parents this weekend?
— Oh yes, it was wonderful! We got on like a house on fire!
To put down roots — букв. пускать корни, т.е. обживать новое место, оседать где-то:
John is turning up the heat in our relationship, he is dropping hints about marriage and children etc. And it makes me feel uneasy because I am not sure I am ready to put down roots yet.
To make up your mind — решить, что ты будешь делать дальше:
— So, have you already decided what will you do after you graduate from the university?
— Nope, I still haven’t made up my mind. We will see.
To get off on the wrong foot — букв. начать не с той ноги, используется в ситуации, когда вы, знакомясь с человеком, совершили какую-то оплошность:
I definetely got off on the wrong foot last night with that guy. I doubt he calls although he wrote down my number.
To get your act together — собраться, взять себя в руки:
Have you seen the first episode of the new season of Downton Abbey? The one where Mary is utterly depressed by the death of her husband? Although six months have already passed since that sad day she is still in the land of the dead. And everybody except Mary’s father believe that Mary should get her act together, stop mourning her husband and start caring about her baby son.
To be going round in circles — топтаться на месте, ходить по кругу, не видеть выхода из сложившейся ситуации:
When on my own I seem to be going round in circles, unable to see the situation from different perspetives and thus unable to find a clue to solve my problems. That is why I go to the therapist who by asking me the right questions helps me to find the way to sort out my life.
To put in a good word for smb — замолвить за кого-то словечко:
I have recently had to put in a good word for my sister who was looking for a job. One of my friends was looking for an assistant and I recommended my sister to her.
Wake up and smell the coffee! — Будь реалистом!
To pull out all the stops — отмести все препятствия на пути к своей цели:
When she was offered that job she was ready to pull out all the stops. 
to throw away = to dispose of smth — избавиться от чего-то, то есть выкинуть на помойку, например:
When we move to another apartment we will have to throw away a lot of our furniture. So I am thinking, maybe we could organise some kind of a garage sale?
I never throw away books, I donate them to the library.
to throw out — выкидывать (про вещи), выставлять (про людей):
After the fifth shot Joe started to look for a fight so the guards of the club had to thow him out.
Kate decided it was time to throw out her old running shoes and get new ones.
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