Аббатство Даунтон: как сериал повлиял на современную моду и об английском в сериале

По ссылке вы найдете галерею фотографий из первых сезонов Аббатства Даунтон и рассказ о том, как популярный сериал повлиял на современную моду.

Слова по теме:

hemline — подол: Shorter hemlines were one of the most dramatic changes in women’s style in the early 1900s, according to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

ankles — лодыжки: «The only good thing to come out of the First World War was women’s ankles,» Buxton told the Telegraph in October 2011.

beads [biːd], beadwork — бусины, бисерины; вышивка бисером: Elements of early art deco style began to emerge during the war, including intricate beadwork, like that seen on Elizabeth McGovern as Lady Cora, cente

garment — предмет гардероба; waistline — линия талии: The look was replaced with looser garments and high, empire waistlines similar to the Greek chiton.

gloves — перчатки; epitome [ɪ’pɪtəmɪ] — изображение в миниатюре: Before they were relegated to debutantes and costume parties, white gloves were the epitome of ladylike refinement. The women at Downton wore long, white gloves to dinner and all formal occasions.

Также хочу вам предложить пару статей по поводу accuracy of the language in the show: Linguistic gotcha at ‘Downton Abbey’ и Tracking the anachronisms.

to reach a fever pitch — достичь крайнего возбуждения: With the American airing of the second season coming to a close next Sunday, “Downton”-mania is reaching a fever pitch.

 bygone [‘baɪgɔn] — вышедший из моды, устаревший, прошлый: In the United States, audiences for prestigious period dramas have come to expect a high level of precision in the depiction of bygone eras.

Тут же вспоминается let bygones be bygones — кто старое помянет, тому глаз вон; что было, то прошло: ‘Irene,’ he said, ‘let bygones be bygones. If I can, surely you might. Let’s begin again, as if nothing had been.’

quibble — придирка:  If details aren’t quite right, viewers are sure to air their quibbles online.

pond — шутливое название Атлантического океана, в первом же значении «озеро»: But a British production is less likely to set off warning bells of anachronism among American viewers, who may not be as familiar with which expressions flourished when across the pond.

denizens — книж. жители: Other expressions were known in the States, but would have been unlikely to have been used by the denizens of Downton (despite the fact that Lady Grantham, played by Elizabeth McGovern, is herself an American).

purview [‘pɜːvjuː] — сфера компетенции: In one early episode, the Dowager Countess has to inquire what a “weekend” is; the working week is entirely outside her purview

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