Часто употребляемые фразовые глаголы с примерами: to give up, to get smb down, to fall for smb etc.

  • To turn up — появляться, приезжать, приходить неожиданно: Yes, I had the office all for me now, but it was still difficult to concentrate on work because somebody would turn up every now and then and ask me to sign another pile of documents.
  • To see about smth — организовать что-то, устроить: I haven’t seen about our show yet, but I promise I’ll do it ASAP.
  • To fall for smb — влюбиться: She is beautiful, easy-going, witty, smiling, well, if I were a man I would definitely fall for her at first sight.
  • To get smb down — нагонять тоску, портить настроение, «давить»: One of the reasons I don’t go to church is that the absence of light gets me down or better even say gets on my nerves. If I’m not mistaken a house of God should bring light (metaphorically speaking) and happiness to you, but when there is no light at all this scheme doesn’t work, at least for me.
  • To get round (the law, the rules etc.) — обходить закон, правила: I’ll give your the number of one ingenious person who have saved my neck a dozen times already. He is an old hand in getting round the law.
  • To give up — сдаваться: Do you know how hard it is to climb,say, the Elbrus? My husband told me that he was feeling nauseous all the way up, others would experiment a terrible headache, almost everybody was gasping for breath, and every step became an archivement, and mind you, you should fight with yourself for hours and hours. I would give up, I’m pretty sure. I just don’t see the point of trying to prove to yourself ‘I can do it’. Somehow I know that if I had to reveal a supernatural power to,say, save my daughter’s life or mine, I would do things I haven’t even dremt of. But to exerce yourself just to prove something, well, it’s not for me.
  • To bring (smth) about (smth) — быть причиной чего-то: The war brought about the outburst of crimes and general violence.
  • To turn in — ложиться спать: I usually turn in late. During the day I lack time for reading magazines and writing posts for my blog, so I do it after I put my daughter to bed.
  • To put smb up to smth — подтолкнуть кого-то к чему-то: We are trying to find out what put these poor children up to using drag.
  • To break out — разразиться, резко начаться: He was abroad when the war in his native country broke out.
  • To drop off — заснуть, вырубиться: After that tedious meeting I was so tired, I dropped off as soon as my head touched the pillow.
  • To give away smth — a give-away — выдаваться, предавать: her red hands was a dead give-away. She couldn’t pretend she was working in an office because by the look at her hands anyone would say that she was a servant.
  • To go into — расследовать, углубляться в какой-то вопрос: Let’s not go into the question of whose fault it was. Because we are both guilty, you — of never really loving me, me — of pretending that I didn’t notice.
  • To go off -взрываться: Luckily, there wasn’t anybody near when the oil tank went off.
  • To make do with or without smth — справляться, находить решение: During the war we had no butter or coffee, so we had to make do without them.
  • To talk smb into/out of smth — убедить/отговорить сделать что-то: my husband knows how to talk me into something that I don’t even like.
  • To pull through — оправиться от болезни (кризиса и т.п.), выжить: It seems the Jon has finally pulled thought, I even see him smiling from time to time. He found a new job and a new girlfrind and goes to gym 3 times a week. I suppose we should stop worrying about him.
  • To turn down — отвергнуть (проект, идею), «завернуть»: She’s in low spirits right now, I wouldn’t talk to her about that project right now, because her boss has turned it down, and you know that she had invested everything she had in it. So now she is absolutely crestfallen.

Чтобы эти глаголы навсегда вам запомнились, не поленитесь придумать к ним свои примеры. Штук по пять!)

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