Полезные английские слова и выражения: to put up with, to get away with, to take smth for granted etc.


Глагол, который в последнее время попадается мне чуть не каждый день — to bury — хоронить. Не обманывайтесь написанием, произносится он ровно также как а berry — ягода — [‘berɪ], и похороны соответственно — burial [‘berɪəl]. My elder sister buried her husband about six months ago. His remains were shipped home for burial. Также частенько встречаю в книжках следующие выражения:

to put up with — to tolerate — терпеть:
I’m too tired to put up with any nonsense
to get away with  — избежать наказания, сойти с рук
You’ll never get away with this
If he thinks he can get away with cheating me, he’s very much mistaken.
to take smth for granted — принимать как само собой разумеющееся
He took it for granted that she was doing very well and he was relieved of further worry.
to do away with smth — положить конец чему-то, искоренить
If you agree to be elected to certain offices you have to carry the old ceremonies however keen you might be on doing away with them.
to give in — сдаваться
It took several centuries for the lawyers to persuade the Crown to sell them the land they had leased since the 14th century. James I finally gave in…
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