Она так и не пришла

Она так и не пришла

Знаете, как сказать “Она ТАК И НЕ …” ?

I waited for her call for 3 hours but she never called.  – Я ждал ее звонка 3 часа, но она ТАК И НЕ позвонила.


  • I checked out lots of blogs about languages but NEVER found better than yours!))

    • Ksenia

      оо, это очень мило)) спасибо))

  • Alexey

    Про неприходы кстати как раз сегодня узнал фразовый глагол stand someone up – to fail to show up for a meeting or a date
    Например: Throughout the first series, Cassie develops an attraction to Sid, who unintentionally stands her up twice: after being unintentionally stood up in “Sid”, she attempts to commit suicide; and after Sid stands her up again to rescue his best friend Tony Stonem’s sister Effy from overdosing, she decides to move to Elgin, Scotland.